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Mantorville, MN – 8/19
Mantorville, MN - 8/19

Well what an interesting launch this proved to be. We had some ups, we had some downs, but in the end, it was pretty great. We launched from just east of Mantorville, MN, my hometown growing up. Attendees were Rick Erickson (Dad), Cindy Erickson (Mom) and my (Jamey) old 7th grade science teacher Mr Bruce […]

Delano, MN
Delano, MN

Well it turned out to be a beautiful day for a launch over in Delano, MN with my good buddy Bruce. Bruce and I launched the final Yavin IV last year, the one that was lost in Taylors Falls, so we had some baggage we needed to take care of. Naturally there was some concern […]

Welcome Home
Welcome Home

Very excited to welcome the original BESPIN-I craft back to mission control. After being lost in space for approximately a month and a half, she was kindly returned to us by our new friend Richard in Watauga, SD. Thank you so much for sending her back to us, she was missed. Now, since we’ve got […]


This weekend something very special happened. Saturday evening, around 6:30pm, my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but it was from an area code clearly not in MN, so I was curious and I answered. Much to my surprise, this was very much a call I wanted to take. Richard Welsch of Watauga, SD […]

What is BESPIN

Bespin is the successor to the fallen Yavin IV project run by Sevnthsin.

The goal of Bespin is to operate lighter and more precisely than Yavin IV, while capturing even more stunning imagery of the earth from 100,000+ feet up.

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