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Mantorville, MN – 9/10 – Harvest Moon
Mantorville, MN - 9/10 - Harvest Moon

The BESPIN-III had its inaugural launch last night down in Mantorville, MN in an effort to capture some great sunset shots as well as some shots of the Harvest Moon. We had an absolutely perfect day for it, no wind, no clouds, 75° or so. Couldn’t have been better. We launched a few minutes early, […]

BESPIN-III – We’re back!
BESPIN-III - We're back!

Well its been a few weeks folks, but we’re back in the game here at BESPIN Mission Control. We’ve been thinking a LOT about the design of our craft, reducing the fogging issues we’ve been having, eliminating the “hang” issues we’ve been having at 100,000+ ft as well as coming up with a solution for […]

What is BESPIN

Bespin is the successor to the fallen Yavin IV project run by Sevnthsin.

The goal of Bespin is to operate lighter and more precisely than Yavin IV, while capturing even more stunning imagery of the earth from 100,000+ feet up.

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