This weekend something very special happened. Saturday evening, around 6:30pm, my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but it was from an area code clearly not in MN, so I was curious and I answered. Much to my surprise, this was very much a call I wanted to take. Richard Welsch of Watauga, SD had found something of mine out in the pasture near his house. I was so excited I hopped on Google maps to plan my drive on Sunday to go get it back… then I realized Watauga, SD is over 8 hours from Minneapolis! So we worked it out for him to mail it back to me this week. We’re so happy to have the lost little guy back!

So for those of you who remember, we launched from Lake Elmo, MN, the BESPIN I craft sailed up and over towards Eau Claire, WI, then suddenly turned around and started sailing westward around the metro area and down towards Sioux Falls, SD before the batteries in our GPS died and we lost contact with it. Its been missing since June 26th, 2011. Well below you can see how far the little guy actually traveled. Pretty impressive, that’s for sure.