Welcome Home

Very excited to welcome the original BESPIN-I craft back to mission control. After being lost in space for approximately a month and a half, she was kindly returned to us by our new friend Richard in Watauga, SD. Thank you so much for sending her back to us, she was missed.

Now, since we’ve got the equipment back in our hands, we can finally post some photos/videos from the first mission to space and back. The max altitude for this, that we know of, was 108,000ft up. Not as high as we’ve gone, but still pretty impressive. But enough about that, on to the photos.

Here’s Dr. David Bowman giving us the thumbs up as he’s helped out of the capsule.

And here’s the Flickr Gallery of great shots.

And lastly, a link to some video if you’re so inclined – http://yfrog.com/iz2jfgz