Lost & FOUND!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the BESPIN III has been found! Got a call the day after Thanksgiving that the BESPIN III had been recovered around 200 yards from the edge of our search area! Not only was the BESPIN III recovered, but the old YAVIN IV craft, lost on Nov 20th, 2010, was located in Cornell, MI the very same day. We’ve now recovered every craft we’ve lost! Hooray!

So here are some fun tidbits from the final launch.

Map of search area & recover location:

Photos from the flights (sadly, our camera died at 54,000ft, so there’s nothing TOO high):

And lastly, what post would be complete without the fun GOOGLE EARTH data!


Thanks again for all the fun times everyone. I’ll post some YAVIN IV pics if there’s anything worth sharing from that launch! Looking forward to whatever next year brings!