Coming Together

Over the last two weeks, modification of our styrofoam cooler has begun as various parts begin to arrive.

Current setup includes:
1 iPhone 4 running TimeLapse (For Still Images)
1 Kodak PlayTouch Hi-Def (For HD Video Capture)
1 Skywatch GEOS #11 Handheld Weather Station (For Altitude, Wind Speed, Temperature, etc)
1 Yaesu VX-8GR Amateur HT VX8R (For APRS Location)
1 Altus Metrum “TeleMetrum” GPS Unit (For real time GPS Tracking)
1 Droid Eris on Verizon running Loopt (Backup GPS Tracking. This item will be removed after Yeasu/TeleMetrum prove successful)
1 Energizer USB Battery Backup (So Cameras/Phone GPS Don’t Die)
1 Transolve BeepX (For Sound Location on the Ground)
2 Knog Boomer LED Headlights (For Visual Location on the Ground)
1 Styrofoam Shipping Container (Reinforced with Duct Tape to “re-entry” strength)
1 Gold Radar Reflector (For FAA Compliance/Can be seen on Radar)
1 Rocketman Recovery Parachute (So we don’t just free fall back to earth after the Balloon bursts)
1 Weather Balloon from Scientific Sales (Size TBD before launch, but usually between 1200g-3000g)

So that’s a detailed list of the components going into the entire unit. Here’s a loose diagram of the structure as it would be for launch.

That’s the current setup we’re working with. More to come soon as we start gearing up for a late winter launch.