Construction Complete

As of 8:27am CST, construction of the first BESPIN payload is complete. We had a few last minute discoveries/technical issues that reared their ugly head, but they’re all checked off the list and we’re launch ready.

The first issue we discovered was with the Kodak Camcorder we were using for video. We noticed this a few weeks ago, it wouldn’t stay powered on during tests, so we replaced it with a handy little GoPro HD cam. We THEN noticed that due to the GoPro’s wide angle lens, we weren’t getting a good picture of the horizon, but more a picture of the inside of the payload with a little hole to the outside world smack dab in the center. So yesterday we spent part of the day/evening re-crafting the front section of the payload and replaced the 67mm UV filter with a custom cut piece of plexiglass that allows the GoPro lens to actually stick out from the payload.

So, the BESPIN craft has been reattached to the nifty little hanging device we have in the corner, over by Darth Security, and is awaiting one last “battery charge” before Saturday’s launch. Going to be an exciting day. Here’s hoping the weather stays nice and we don’t get a flat tire!

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