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BEAKER-I – Chicago, IL
BEAKER-I - Chicago, IL

The tale of the BEAKER-I has been a wild one. Many of you followed us in real time via Twitter or Facebook, but this is a recap for those of you who had actual things to do on Wednesday and Thursday, May 30/31st of 2012. The mission: To launch, via weather balloon, a classroom “Beaker” […]

Introducing ISON
Introducing ISON

Today begins the launch of a new project. Today, we begin work on ISON, a high altitude rocketry project aimed at achieving weightlessness (if even for a minute or two). Our goals are high, but that’s the point. This site will continue to exist as an archive to the BESPIN project, but a new site […]

What is BESPIN

Bespin is the successor to the fallen Yavin IV project run by Sevnthsin.

The goal of Bespin is to operate lighter and more precisely than Yavin IV, while capturing even more stunning imagery of the earth from 100,000+ feet up.

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